Diocese of Yibin

Bishop Chen

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Bishop John Shizhong Chen

35 Gongxing Street, Yibin City, Sichuan Province, China, Postal Code: 644000

+86 831 8252300

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Bishop John Chen Shizhong was born in a traditional Catholic family on Dec. 26, 1916. He entered minor seminary in 1930, middle seminary in 1931 and major seminary in 1937. He was ordained a priest in 1947 and remained to serve as deputy rector of the seminary. He was consecrated a bishop on June 14, 1985. He is approved by the Vatican and recognized by the government.

Cardinal Tong’s term as bishop extended

Cardinal Tong’s term as bishop extended Following the usual practice, the cardinal had submitted his resignation from the post of bishop of Hong Kong to Pope Francis some months prior to his 75th birthday, which is on July 31.