Diocese of Tianjin

Bishop Li

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Bishop Stephen Side Li

Xikai St. Joseph's Church, No. 9 Xining Road, Heping District, Tianjin Municipal City Postal Code: 300052, China

+86 22-27811929

Fax :+86 22-27811252


Bishop Stephen Li Side was born in 1927. The Vatican-approved bishop is the ordinary of Tianjin diocese since 1982, but his position is not recognized by the government. Since 1992, his freedom of movement is constrained to a rural church in the mountainous Jixian county as he refuses to join the Catholic Patriotic Association. The open community has no bishop since Vatican-approved Auxiliary Bishop Shi Hongzhen died in 2005. A year after the pope's letter for Chinese Catholics was issued in 2007, most of the open priests have pledged obedience to Bishop Li.

Previous Ordinaries:

  • Bishop Shi Hongchen of the open Church community (1982 Ordained; March 3, 2005 Died)
  • Father Alphonsus Tchao, C.M. (Apostolic Administrator, Feb 13, 1953 Appointed)
  • Bishop John Zhang of Zhaoxian, C.M. (Apostolic Administrator of Tianjin, 1951- Feb 13, 1953)
  • Bishop Jean de Vienne de Hautefeuille, CM (July 12, 1923 Appointed - June 14, 1951 Retired; Sept. 21, 1957 Died)
  • Bishop Paul-Marie Dumond, CM (April 27, 1912 Appointed - July 21, 1920 Resigned; Feb. 19, 1944 Died)