Diocese of Tianjin

Bishop Li

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Bishop Stephen Side Li

Xikai St. Joseph's Church, No. 9 Xining Road, Heping District, Tianjin Municipal City Postal Code: 300052, China

+86 22-27811929

Fax :+86 22-27811252


Bishop Stephen Li Side was born in 1927. The Vatican-approved bishop is the ordinary of Tianjin diocese since 1982, but his position is not recognized by the government. Since 1992, his freedom of movement is constrained to a rural church in the mountainous Jixian county as he refuses to join the Catholic Patriotic Association. The open community has no bishop since Vatican-approved Auxiliary Bishop Shi Hongzhen died in 2005. A year after the pope's letter for Chinese Catholics was issued in 2007, most of the open priests have pledged obedience to Bishop Li.

Previous Ordinaries:

  • Bishop Shi Hongchen of the open Church community (1982 Ordained; March 3, 2005 Died)
  • Father Alphonsus Tchao, C.M. (Apostolic Administrator, Feb 13, 1953 Appointed)
  • Bishop John Zhang of Zhaoxian, C.M. (Apostolic Administrator of Tianjin, 1951- Feb 13, 1953)
  • Bishop Jean de Vienne de Hautefeuille, CM (July 12, 1923 Appointed - June 14, 1951 Retired; Sept. 21, 1957 Died)
  • Bishop Paul-Marie Dumond, CM (April 27, 1912 Appointed - July 21, 1920 Resigned; Feb. 19, 1944 Died)

Chinese Catholic community lives year of Mercy on New Year

Chinese Catholic community lives year of Mercy on New Year With a temperature of 20 degrees below zero, the parish of Dong He of Bao Tou community of Inner Mongolia began its pastoral visits on February 2, under the theme "God is Love and Mercy".