Diocese of Fukuoka

Bishop Miyahara

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Bishop Dominic Ryoji Miyahara

Bishop's Residence, 6-28, Josuidori, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka, FUKUOKA, 810-0028, Japan

+81-92 522-5139

Fax :+81-92 523-2152


Bishop Dominic Ryoji Miyahara was born on May 22, 1955, in Wakamatsu, Nagasaki Prefecture. He was ordained a priest on March 19, 1982, and was appointed Bishop of Oita May 10, 2000, by Pope John Paul II. His episcopal ordination was on October 1, 2000. Pope Benedict XVI appointed him Bishop of Fukuoka on March 19, 2008. He was installed as Bishop of Fukuoka on May 28, 2008.

Previous Ordinaries:

  • Bishop Joseph Hisajiro Matsunaga (1991-2006)
  • Bishop Peter Saburo Hirata (1969-1990)
  • Bishop Dominic Sen'emon Fukahori (1941-1969; 1941-1944 Administrator Apostolic)
  • Bishop Albert Breton, M.E.P. (1930-1941)
  • Bishop Fernand Thiry, M.E.P. (1927-1930)

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