Apostolic Vicariates of Phnom-Penh

Bishop Schmitthaeusler

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Vicar Apostolic Olivier Michel Marie Schmitthaeusler

787 (rue 93) Bd. Preah Monivong, P.O. Box 123 - Phnom Penh

(855) 23-212-462, (855) 012-878-023

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Bishop Olivier Michel Marie Schmitthaeusler, M.E.P was born on June 26, 1970, in Strasbourg, France. He was ordained a priest of Paris Foreign Missions (MEP) on June 28, 1998. After ordination, he went to Cambodia as a missioner. He started studying the Khmer language and became a pastor in the Takeo and Kampot areas in the south of the country. Since 2002 he has served as director of the Catholic Education Committee of the Phnom Penh apostolic vicariate. From 2003-2005, he also taught Church history at the major seminary in Phnom Penh before being appointed vicar general in 2007.

He has established schools for children and youths, as well as vocational training centers for widows and young rural women. He is also founding director of St. Paul Institute, a vocational training school for poor students in Takeo province.

Pope Benedict XVI appointed Father Schmitthaeusler as coadjutor apostolic vicar of Phnom Penh on Dec. 24., 2009. Bishop Schmitthaeusler was ordained and installed Coadjutor Apostolic Vicar of Phnom Penh on March 20, 2010, at Don Bosco Technical School in Phnom Penh. Bishop Emile Destombes, apostolic vicar of Phnom Penh, Archbishop Salvatore Pennacchio, the Bangkok-based apostolic nuncio to Cambodia, and Auxiliary Bishop Christian Kratz of Strasbourg were the consecrating bishops.
Bishop Schmitthaeusler succeeded Oct. 1, 2010 as Vicar Apostolic of Phnom Phen.

Previous Ordinaries:

  • Bishop Destombes Emile (2001-2010)
  • Bishop Joseph Chhmar Salas (1975-1977)
  • Bishop Yves Ramousse (1962-2001)
  • Bishop Gustave André Ferdinand Raballand, M.E.P. (1956-1962)
  • Bishop Jean-Baptiste Maximilien Chabalier, M.E.P. (1937-1955)
  • Bishop Valentin Herrgott, M.E.P. (1928-1936)
  • Bishop Jean-Claude Bouchut, M.E.P. (1902-1928)
  • Bishop Jean-Baptiste Grosgeorge, M.E.P. (1896-1902)
  • Bishop Marie-Laurent-François-Xavier Cordier, M.E.P. (1882-1895)
  • Bishop Jean-Claude Miche, M.E.P. (1850-1873)