Diocese of Yuncheng

Bishop Wu

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Bishop Peter Junwei Wu

St. Anthony's Cathedral, 18 Damen Road, Xinjiang County Town, Shanxi Province, China Postal Code: 043100

+86 359 7527080

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Bishop Peter Wu Junwei was ordained the third bishop of Yuncheng (Xinjiang) diocese, Shanxi province, with both papal approval and government recognition on Sept. 21, 2010. The ordination rite was officiated by Bishop John Huo Cheng of Fenyang, assisted by Coadjutor Bishop Paul Meng Ningyou of Taiyuan who was just ordained five days prior to that, Bishop Joseph Li Shan of Beijing and Coadjutor Bishop John Baptist Yang Xiaoting of Yan'an (Yulin). All the bishops have papal approval and government recognition.

Bishop Wu was born on June 27, 1963 as the eldest of six children in a staunch Catholic family. His brother is a priest while his sister is a nun. Their great granduncle, Saint Peter Wu Anbang, was martyred during the Boxer Uprising of 1900 and was canonized among the 120 Chinese martyrs in 2000.

He studied at the Xinjiang minor seminary and the Shanxi major seminary in Taiyuan in 1985. Upon being ordained a priest of Taiyuan diocese in 1990, he served at a parish until he was appointed rector of Taiyuan's minor seminary, diocesan treasurer and director of Church affairs from 1996-2001.

He became the rector of the Shanxi Montecorvino Major Seminary from 2001-2009. He was appointed by the Pope as third bishop of Yuncheng diocese in May 2009 and was elected bishop candidate by the local Church four months later.