Diocese of Chingleput
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The Chingleput diocesan territory has a land area of 4,433 square kilometers and covers the civil district of Kancheepuram. Chingleput, Kancheepuram and Tambaram are considered major towns of the district. In 2001, the total population of the area was 2,877,468.

Chingleput, one of the youngest dioceses in India, was carved out of Madras-Mylapore archdiocese after many years of preparation. The announcement about the new diocese came on 19 July 2002. The entire civil District of Kancheepuram was brought under the new diocese and the diocesan headquarters was situated at Chingleput, a major town in the district. Father Anthonisamy Neethinathan, then vice rector of Sacred Heart Major Seminary, was made the first bishop of Chingleput.

The per capita income in the diocese territory is 33,638 rupees (US$759). The major industries are agriculture, automobile, tourism, fishing, petrochemical, alcoholic beverages and information technology.

Most of the people in the area are Tamils and Telegus and the language used is Tamil and Telegu. The literacy rate in the diocesan territory is 73.45 per cent.