Diocese of Khammam
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The diocese covers 16,029 square kilometers including Khammam civil district. Khammam district is predominantly hill and mountain ranges, situated along the banks of a river called "Godavari." The total geographical forest area is 47.8 percent which is the highest percentage in the State of Andhra Pradesh. The district has 1,581,000 hectares of cultivable land of which only 50 percent is cultivated. Within this, 34.2 percent is used for commercial crops and 30 percent of the cultivable land is irrigated. 


In Khammam diocese, the population is 2,781,926. The main ethnic groups are Lambadis, Koyas and Konda Reddies.


The languages used in the diocesan territory are Telugu, Urdu, English, Hindi, and tribal dialects.


Per capita income: 11,722 rupees (US$255) . Major industries, trade and agriculture: A major industry of the region is coal mines. The main agricultural products of the district are rice, cotton, jowar, maize and chillies.


Telecommunication facilities are widespread throughout the district. The region has fairly good roads for state bus services. It also has rail connections for all major towns.

In the political field, the ruling party of the state is the Indian National Congress, an All-India party. Then there is the opposition Telugu Desam Party which is a local party. The Communists have a strong presence in the district, as of June 2006.

The literacy rate in the diocesan territory is 40.06 percent. 

Since there are several tribal villages in the diocese of Khammam, tribal dance and music is popular.