Diocese of Nalgonda
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The population in the diocese was 2,852,092 as of 2005. The population of the whole country is 1 billion. The main group of tribals in the districts are the Lambadas. Telugu and Urdu are the main languages.


The major parties in the districts are the Indian National Congress, Telugu Desam and the Communists.


The infrastructural facilities are good. The modes of transport are railways, public buses and other road vehicles.


The diocesan territory stretches over a land area of 32,661 square kilometers and comprises the civil districts of Nalgonda and Mahabubnagar.


The per capita income is 9,148 rupees (US$208 as of February 2007). There are no major industries in the district. The principal crops are paddy, groundnut, red gram, green gram, castor, cotton and chilly.


Telecommunication services are fairly widespread. No TV or radio stations.


The literacy rate here is 50.78 percent.


Local art forms of dance, drama and singing are popular.