Christian peace train leaves Berlin for Korea

Two clergymen from the World Council of Churches blessed the voyage at the Brandenburg Gate. The train will stop in Moscow, Irkutsk and Beijing, and hopefully pass through Pyongyang.

October 11 2013, 2:21 PM
Christian peace train leaves Berlin for Korea

The train for peace and reunification of Korea left Berlin on Tuesday. An initiative of the World Council of Churches, its goal is to bring the world's attention on the ‘absolute necessity’ to bring peace to the Korean peninsula.

Reverend Cho Hyun-jung from Korea and Reverend Christophe Taileman from Germany blessed the voyage at the Brandenburg Gate. The two clergymen boarded the train that would end its journey on October 28 in Busan in South Korea.

The trip includes several stops that include Moscow, Irkutsk, Beijing, and perhaps Pyongyang.

If Pyongyang does not allow the train carrying praying Christian volunteers to enter North Korean territory, the National Council of Churches plans to book a ship from Dandong in China to Incheon.

The National Council of Churches is one of the few organisations that together with the Catholic Church and the Red Cross still manage to have humanitarian relations with Kim Jong-un's regime.

While recognising the need for dialogue, the Council in recent years has launched several campaigns, like dropping anti-regime leaflets from balloons, which have undermined relations between Seoul and Pyongyang.

Source: AsiaNews