Mission starts with self-evangelization: Nepal Vicar Apostolic

The Vicar Apostolic was visiting both the local Church personnel and its territories.

September 03 2014, 6:54 PM
Mission starts with self-evangelization: Nepal Vicar Apostolic
Bishop Paul Simick

The new Vicar Apostolic of Nepal Paul Simick told a meeting of country's Religious that their mission among people starts with self-evangelization.

The Vicar Apostolic was visiting the personnel of the local Catholic Church and its territories. He met with Religious men and women of east and west Nepal in two separate meetings.  

The Religious of shared their concerns with the bishop, who encouraged them in the mission work. The bishop wanted them work for “self-evangelization” by primarily becoming persons “of prayer."

He also wanted them to be familiar with Church documents and become people live out their faith.

He emphasized the need to consider the pastoral needs of the people and to organize and form lay people for pastoral service.

The Vicar Apostolic spoke of “a lack of qualified leadership among the local laity. He wanted formation to start with students in school.

He described his first visit to the Church in west Nepal “an encouraging event of grace for all involved.”

Here too the Vicar Apostolic underlined the importance of self-evangelization, and asked for a “witness of a life-style" that reveals the Christian faith.

He also wanted to promote basic small Christian communities and the need to form commissions for different fields of pastoral care. This, he said, is needed to reach out to people in remote areas and offer them education, health care and programs of development.

Source: Agenzia Fides