Promoting Catholic values among parents, teachers

The values formation for parents and teachers is part of the EFI’s concept of effective formation for school children.

June 11 2014, 4:41 PM
Promoting Catholic values among parents, teachers

Filipino Catholic organisation Education Foundation Inc. (EFI) holds that formation of children will succeed only if parents and teachers themselves would demonstrate the same values being instilled in the young.

A group of lay people whose apostolate centres on helping Catholics strengthen their faith and improve their lives through education, the EFI have been conducting values formation sessions in Manila’s public schools since 2002.

The values formation for parents and teachers is part of the EFI’s concept of effective formation for school children.

“We observe from the participation of parents and teachers that they hunger for inspiration from the Bible,” EFI executive director Myra M. Menguito said.

The parents and teachers also demonstrate their loyalty to the Church when someone among their peers challenges Christianity. Menguito said it is ‘reaffirming’ every time a parent or a teacher stands up to defend the faith when an agnostic or a rabid unbeliever tries to attack the Church or Christianity.

During parents and teachers’ sessions, non-Christians and even the atheists attend the program, she said. At the least, they witness – if not get outright converted by — the values that are treasured and promoted by the Catholic Church.

Schools are battlegrounds for continuing the work of Christ, Menguito said. Formators enter the campuses and work unaware of the challenges they may face. Some of the parents tell the formators bluntly that they find the sessions repetitive, she said. But this does not rattle them, nor undermine their morale.

“The sessions are open,” Menguito said. “The goal is to plant something. Even if we know one will contradict, we continue. “It’s really choosing to be brave. We hope that every session they will see Christ.”

Recently, the Department of Education and the EFI penned a memorandum of agreement that allowed the foundation to adopt schools not only in the National Capitol Region, but also all over the country.

The foundation will keep an eye on the formation of school children beginning Grade 1 until high school, Menguito said.

Other remarkable initiatives of EFI include putting up public libraries for poor communities throughout the nation and providing scholarships for children of prisoners. Known as Bahay Karunungan (House of Knowledge), EFI libraries are more of a community centre for the poor, while EFI’s Binhi Ng Pag-Asa (Seed of Hope) scholarship enables children of inmates to pursue their dreams of a good life.

Source: CBCP News